You all know the story of what happened within the halls of Hogwarts but now, it's time to learn what happened inside Durmstrang's dark fortress.
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 House Equivalents

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Celaena Hendrix

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PostSubject: House Equivalents    Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:56 pm

This is a list of the houses and what they represent, to help you build your character and know what house you want them to be in.


Strom is the Equivalent to Ravenclaw and their colours are Navy Blue and black. Their animal representative is a Eurasian Eagle Owl, the head of their house often having this animal as their own personal owl. Their traits are intelligence, wit and individuality.

Falkov is the Equivalent to Gryffindor and their colours are scarlett and silver. Their animal representive is a red Fox. Their traits are courage, chivalry and bravery.

Milostiv is the Equivalent to Slytherin and their colours are emerald and gold. Their animal representative is an Iberian Lynx and their traits are cunning, resourcefulness and ambition.

Dova is the Equivalent to Hufflepuff and their colours are burnt orange and white. Their animal representative is an Otter. A hard working, patient and loyal creature, much like the house it's apart of.


Whilst the houses have their meaningful traits, they all are fighters and survivors and their training at this prepares them for a war like no other. This school creates an army every single year, they all must have the heart and determination to be apart of it.
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House Equivalents
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